Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology


A few weeks ago we marked our 1000th program, a major milestone. This week is program #1004, a discussion of the recent discovery and purchase of some Dead Sea Scroll fragments connected to the Old Testament book of Leviticus. We also cover this spring’s excavation season at Tiberias.

But more exciting discussions are afoot. The New York Times has reported the possible location of King David’s palace by archeaologist Eilat Mazar. That’s sure to stir things up. And this past week the Biblical Archaeology Review held a news conference to announce the discovery of the New Testament era Pool of Siloam at the lower end of the ridge that made up the ancient City of David. This news we’ve already covered in an interview with Todd Bolen. But we’ve just done additional interviews with Archaeologist Ronny Reich and New Testament scholar James Charlesworth, who provide exciting new perspectives. We’ll be featuring them in the weeks ahead, if we don’t get too distracted by Mazar’s dig discovery.


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