Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology


This week’s program is on The Pool of Siloam, once again. This time we have the excavator, archaeologist Ronny Reich, on the phone from Jerusalem. If you can listen to this program with headphones I would recommend it, the audio quality is not as good as I would prefer, but it’s an honor to have Ronny Reich on the program once again. The last time we talked with him was about ten years ago when he was excavating at the SW corner of the Temple Mount.

There’s more being reported on the discovery of what may possibly be the foundation for King David’s palace. The Jerusalem Post has a story on Eilat Mazar’s excavation. We’ll have more on this in the week’s ahead, this is a major story because of the ongoing debate over the size and role of Jerusalem at the beginning of the Iron Age, the time of David and Solomon.

And finally, we mark the passing of archaeologist William H.C. Frend. About ten years ago Fortress Press published the U.S. version of his book, “The Archaeology of Early Christianity.” It was a fascinating 400-page introduction into a slightly later period than we usually cover. Somehow a copy of the book made it into my hands and I contacted the publisher about an author interview. They said they didn’t expect him to travel to the U.S. from his home in England, so it didn’t look likely. But several years later, when I was scheduled to attend a meeting in London, I contacted him and he agreed to meet me at my hotel in London. We had a wonderful conversation that ended up as programs 660-662.


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