Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology


This week’s program is a discussion of the possible discovery of King David’s palace in the City of David area of Jerusalem (Ir David to the Jews, Silwan to the Arabs). There’s a lot of buzz about this among archaeologists, and skepticism, and rightly so. The evidence looks strong to me but there needs to be a lot more analysis and discussion.

This one discovery took up the whole program, because it’s that important IF it really is David’s palace. Meanwhile there’s been a season-ending flurry of news reports about excavations such as we haven’t seen in at least five years, since the Intefada started. Lots of exciting stuff to talk about in the weeks ahead, such as:

The Kibbutz Tzuba Water System, (possibly connected with John the Baptist but dating back to the same period as Hezekiah’s tunnel).

Philistine Gath, one of the largest tels in Israel.

Tel Kabri, which may have been Biblical Rehov, mentioned in Joshua 19:28

Sussita/Hippos, overlooking the eastern shore of the Sea of Galilee

And Hazor, another one of Israel’s largest and most important tels.

We hope to get to all of these digs in the weeks ahead but you can read about them now.


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