Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology


Our conversation with Archaeologist Ronny Reich on the excavations of the Pool of Siloam resumes with this week’s program. Once again I apologize for the audio quality of this trans-Atlantic phone conversation. If you can listen with ear phones, you will probably be able to hear more clearly.

If you’ve perused our entire BOOK & THE SPADE web page, you’ve noticed all of our links to archaeology resources. Today I added one more, near the bottom of the list. The Theban Mapping Project focuses on the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, fascinating material. Several years ago I interviewed Kenton Weeks about his discovery of KV5, the tomb of the sons of Ramses II. He had just left the Explorer’s Club in New York City. I remember how this gigantic tomb was described in comparison with other royal tombs. Say you had a phone book sitting on a coffee table. The phone book would be the size of most royal tombs. King Tut’s tomb would be the size of a match box on the phone book. KV5 would be the size of the coffee table. Look for yourself.


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