Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

#1011 – #1012 Biblical Colors

No archaeologists on these two programs. Instead we’re talking with Professor Ehud Spanier, a marine biologist, who is the director of the Leon Recanati Institute for Marine Studies at the University of Haifa. Royal Purple and Biblical Blue are two of the most important Biblical colors and the focus on Professor Spanier’s research, because their dye comes from a marine snail, the murex.

Biblical blue was a very important element in prayer shawls worn by Jewish men, as well as the clothing of the high priest. Royal purple was reserved for royalty, but the Gospels say the Roman soldiers mocked Jesus with a purple robe.

I also started to read an interview with Bruce Feiler, based on his new book, Where was God Born? It sounds like minimist theology but actually he has some very interesting perspectives that I think help us understand the Biblical world a little better. If you haven’t read Feiler’s first book Walking the Bible yet, I recommend it. Many of the people featured in the book have been guests on THE BOOK & THE SPADE.


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