Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

Programs 1026 & 1027: Fieldwork Opportunities

Every year about this time, since we started doing THE BOOK & THE SPADE 23 years ago, we’ve been giving a status report on Biblical Archaeology by reviewing the excavations planned for Biblical sites in the coming year. One of the best sources of this information is Biblical Archaeology Review, which always has an itemized report in the January-February issue, but is starting to shift some of the most specific details online.

The Israel government also has an excavation information site, but it’s not quite as extensive. The idea, as we say on the program, is that just about anyone can get involved in archaeology. It’s one of the few scientific disciplines that relies heavily on volunteers.

There are some digs that are not listed in either of these lists, such as a new Gezer excavation, led by our friends Steven Ortiz and Sam Wolf. BAR doesn’t list any digs at Petra, in Jordan, this year but I suspect excavations continue there also.

So now go dig up something!


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