Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

#1028 City of David update

Jerusalem is not an easy city to do archaeology because it’s filled with people and buildings. Nor is it an easy city to live in because it’s Israel’s greatest archaeological site. Every development and construction project risks being hijacked by archaeological interests, if a new discovery is made by excavators. Every contractor, by law, must be sensitive to the archaeological implications of their work. We won’t get into what happened on the Temple Mount in 1999, we’ve covered that sufficiently.

Jerusalem is used to having other areas of the site-rich country being the object of major archaeological interest. But now, due to recent discoveries, the major area of archaeological interest in Israel right now is in Jerusalem, specifically the City of David, the oldest area of Jerusalem. That’s our starting point for this week’s program as we focus on a recent article in Haaretz newspaper. As it turns out, there’s a similar article in the Jerusalem Post this week which covers the same territory. The two major excavations in Jerusalem are Eilat Mazar’s work at one end, where she believes she’s found the Palace of King David, and Ronny Reich’s work at the other end, where the Pool of Siloam is being uncovered.


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