Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1038 – The Cave of John the Baptist

Almost as good as a live interview from the excavation site, this week’s program is a report from an excavation that wrapped up just a couple of weeks ago. It’s the Kibbutz Tzuba cave excavation, otherwise known as the Cave of John the Baptist. It’s located just five miles west of Jerusalem but in a secluded area. Archaeologist Egon Lass calls it one of the most mysterious archaeological sites he’s ever seen. He’s been excavating in Israel for 40 years and he’s seen a lot. He’s our guest this week and next.

The main archaeologist working at Kibbutz Tzuba is Shimon Gibson who, we hope, will be on our program one of these days, because he has worked on so many interesting excavations. Another archaeologist working on this project is James Tabor, of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. UNC-Charlotte has posted a news release with photos, that should help you understand the site, if you can look at them while you listen to the program. (A true multi-media experience.)

To call this site The Cave of John the Baptist seems like a stretch but the site seems to resist a more prosaic explanation. It is an amazing story. Listen and enjoy the mystery.


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