Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1040: The new Archaeological Study Bible

Five years ago I was visiting a friend at Zondervan Publishing House and he introduced me to the editor of an exciting new project, the Archaeological Study Bible. I was excited and just a little bit impatient. But now it’s finally here. On this week’s program we’re featuring an interview with Dr. Walter Kaiser, the General Editor of the project, a distinguished professor of Old Testament and the president of Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.

One of the exciting parts of this new resource is that we can offer you a $10 rebate on it. All you have to do is go to the website,
You can also see some of its features and glean some other information about what it has to offer. Just the fact that it has 500 color photos should make it stand out from most other Bibles. Many of the photos came from our friend Todd Bolen, over at Bible I actually had a chance to work on editing part of the material about two years ago, which was fun. I was between jobs at the time and it looked like it might be a steady source of income for awhile but Zondervan chose someone else to do the project instead. Which worked out fine with me, I ended up with a different job that I really like.

If you can’t take advantage of the rebate offer right now and have to wait, you may find that the second printing is a bit better because of a number of typos in the first edition. That is, in the helps section, probably not in the Biblical text.

A final note, I’m disappointed that the Archaeological Study Bible isn’t available in the NASB as originally projected. But that’s a minor quibble, I understand why NIV was chosen.


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