Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1042 Kfar Kana and the Catacombs

Archaeologists do a lot of digging but this week’s program is truly subterranean. We’re talking about tunnels discovered recently at Kfar Kana, as well as some new investigations involving the Catacombs in Rome. We wrap it up with a discussion of excavations being carried out in the basement of the Cairo Musuem. That’s right, there’s so much stuff down there that recently they’re started to re-excavate it to find out exactly how much of an embarrassment of riches it is. It’s reminiscent of the final scene in Indiana Jones and the Lost Ark, only with more dust and more cobwebs.

There are several sites in the Galilee claiming to be the traditional site of Jesus’ first miracle, where he turned water into wine. I think I remember that one of the sites was even across the border in Lebanon. At a village called Kfar Kana, very close to Nazareth, archaeologists recently found remains of tunnels built by occupants around the time of the first Jewish revolt. Interestingly enough, these particular residents ended up excavating into Iron Age remains underneath, a village going back almost another thousand years. Interesting stuff, and it’s all on this week’s program.

Meanwhile, a new archaeological stamp is being issued in Israel.

This just in: New evidence seems to favor authenticity of James Ossuary.


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