Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1053-1054 More Archaeology News

Conversations with my co-host, professor Keith Schoville, on some of the latest reports on Biblical Archaeology developments and discoveries. We give considerable attention to the trial going on in Israel featuring Oded Golan, Robert Deutsch and three others who are accused of fabricating antiquities. The latest evidence reported casts doubt on the validity of the government’s case against the five. But the trial will drag on for months and perhaps the appeals for years.

We also discuss the discovery of Jerusalem’s trash dump from the time of Jesus. Archaeologists have been digging in this area for years, but only recently have the latest to work there finally realized that it was a trash dump. Not a lot reported on this yet, expect more news in the future.

Another report from a 2006 archaeology volunteer – Tel Megiddo.


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