Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1055-1056 Harry Jol and Ground Penetrating Radar

One of my favorite BOOK & THE SPADE Biblical Archaeology experts is Harry Jol, who is not a Bible scholar or a professor at a religious school, but rather teaches geography at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire. He is a much-in-demand expert in the field because of his expertise with Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR). He’s begun to make regular trips to Israel and has been able to offer major assistance to archaeologists such as Rami Arav (Bethsaida) and Richard Freund (Nahal Hever).

Our interview with him a year ago was quite interesting, as he described his work at Nahal Hever, a cave high on a desert cliff overlooking the Dead Sea. In the past we’ve also discussed his work amongst the tombs at Qumran. This year we talked again about his work at Bethsaida and Nazareth on the first program. On the second program we discussed his work at two new sites along the Mediterranean shore between Tel Aviv and Haifa: Tel Arsuf (Apollonia) and Tel Nami.

Archaeology did continue at some sites even after the war with Hezbollah began. Here’s the story of one volunteer. And here’s news of the latest exciting discovery at Ramat Rachel.


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