Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1057 – The Search Resumes for David’s Palace

This week’s program starts out with information from Todd Bolen, who has become one of our best sources for insights into archaeology in Israel. His Bible Places weblog recently reported that excavations have resumed in the City of David area where archaeologist Eilat Mazar is investigating what she believes was the palace of King David.

He also tipped us off to a report on the Biblical Archaeology Review website about an ultra-orthodox raid on the Bethsaida excavation early this summer. The report has since been withdrawn from the BAR website because of “possible inaccuracies.” However, we do know some incident occurred there this summer because Harry Jol, a recent guest on this program, confirmed it for us.

He also has information on an ancient burial ground that has been discovered under what used to be the model of first century Jerusalem at the Holyland Hotel. The model has since been moved to the Israel museum. Crews excavating for a new apartment complex came across the tombs and Todd reports no other media have reported this story yet.

This week’s program also discusses some of the archaeological sites in Lebanon impacted by this summer’s fighting between Israel and the Hezbollah. From all reports (here’s the latest), damage was minor compared to what it could have been, and compared to the lives lost and general disruption of life in that area.


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