Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1059-The Mysteries of Hyrcania & Qumran

A few years back we did an interview with an airline pilot named Dwayne Boucher about a mysterious project in the Judean Desert being excavated by a volunteer team of Continental Airline employees and some other folks. Dwayne kept the location a mystery but now we know the name of it, thanks to the latest issue of Biblical Archaeology Review. Israeli Archaeologist Oren Gutfeld, who worked with them on the project, wrote a very interesting article. However, no mysteries were revealed. It will take more digging for that to be accomplished.

On this program Dr. Schoville and I also discussed an intriguing new theory on Qumran offered by archaeologist Yitzhak Magen. He thinks that instead of being an Essene monastery, Qumran was an industrial pottery manufacturing site. An interesting idea, with a few holes in it.

In other archaeology news online, a Nebraska pastor talks about his experience on the excvations at Hippos/Sussita this summer. You can learn more about Hippos/Sussita in Hershel Shank’s personal account of his visit to the site. One of these days we’re going to do a series of programs on Hippos/Sussita.


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