Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1069 Temple Mount Archaeology Update

As we say at the beginning of this week’s program, ancient mapmakers portrayed Jerusalem as the center of the world, and on our weblog we can show you the map. And at the center of Jerusalem is the Temple Mount. The Temple Mount is too politically and religiously sensitive for archaeology, but nonetheless some digging has taken place there, starting in 1999. As we reported at the time, tons of dirt were hauled away in dumptrucks as the Muslim Waqf dug a new entrance to the underground area known as Solomon’s Stables, which they have renamed the Marwani Mosque.

On this week’s program we review several articles that update us on the effort to recover artifacts that have been dug up on the Temple Mount over the last six years, including our first report on a monumental inscription to the Roman Legion.


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