Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

#1099 – Evidence: The Land of Milk and Honey

The Bible frequently refers to Israel as the land of Milk and Honey, but Bible scholars have suggested that perhaps in many of those cases the reference was actually to date honey and not to bee honey. I’ve had date honey on some of our Book & the Spade tours, and may bring some back again on our next tour next February. It’s delicious.

There are a couple of verses in the stories of Samson, and Saul’s son Jonathan, where the reference is obviously to the honey of bees. And now for the first time in the Middle East, there’s archaeological evidence of ancient bee keeping. Archaeologist Amihai Mazar, working at Tel Rehov, just south of Betshean, uncovered at least 30 beehives in the latest excavations. And there may be more.

Also on this week’s program, we discuss the exciting discovery of a first century sewer that was used by Jews to escape the Roman legions as they sacked Jerusalem during the first Jewish revolt.

To all who are interested in our BOOK & THE SPADE 25th anniversary Holyland Tour, we’re planning a get together on Sunday, September 30th, in Madison. If you want to come and learn more about the tour (just by coming you’re not obligating yourself in any way), write me for the details.


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