Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1112-1113 Archaeology Plans – 2008

Almost every year since we started doing The Book & the Spade radio program, 25 years ago, we have begun by reviewing the excavation plans for the coming year as printed in Biblical Archaeology Review. The last couple of years the magazine has cut back on the printed schedule and posted information online, at a site called It looks like a robust schedule of excavations are on tap for this year, including Ashkelon. Ashkelon’s head excavator, Larry Stager of Harvard University, was among those who pulled back when the intefada kicked up in 2000. Now the dig is back in the field, apparently under the co-direction of one of his students, Daniel Master, who is now at Wheaton College. Harvard and Wheaton, working together. Not a bad idea. There’s a lot of dig sites, all with opportunities for volunteers. The application deadlines are coming up soon, so get your application in early. You too can be involved in cutting edge scientific research in the field of Biblical Archaeology.


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  1. Sorry to leave this here, as it’s not really related to the episode … but I couldn’t find any other contact information. The podcast feed doesn’t seem to work quite right. Although I subscribed to the podcast in iTunes, iTunes never detects new episodes of TBTS for me automatically. I have to go to the web site do download each episode individually. Could you look into this? Thanks.

    January 21, 2008 at 4:59 pm

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