Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1116-1117 Reversing a Seal and Search for Sodom

While the Book & the Spade 25th Anniversary Study Tour is underway, I’ve posted online the next few weeks programs. I won’t be traveling with a computer. On program #1116 Professor Schoville and I discuss the recent seal discovery in the City of David area that was first read backward, and then read properly. Program #1116 also contains a discussion of the recent conference in Jerusalem on the excavation of the “Tomb of Jesus.”

Then on to program #1117, an interview with Steven Collins, of Trinity Southwest University on his excavations of Tall el-Hammam in Jordan. Steven believes he had discovered the authentic site of the biblical city of Sodom near the northeastern shore of the Dead Sea. This is a different location than has been suggested by archaeologists in the past, and he makes a compelling case for it. However, no actual archaeological evidence confirming his hypothesis had been excavated to this point.


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