Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1150-1151 – Nina Burleigh’s Unholy Business

Continuing with our series of reports on the major archaeology stories from the last week of October, these two programs are on the James ossuary. Nina Burleigh, a writer for People magazine, has written a People-style story about the ossuary, focusing on the people instead of the artifacts. In so doing she’s given us some insight into the personalities involved in the legal but shady antiquity trade in Israel.

The story, as we have reported, is that the judge in the case has told the prosecution that they have not proven that the inscription in the ossuary is a fabrication, as charged. He suggests they decide whether they want to continue or not. Of course, this still doesn’t mean that the ossuary is genuine, it just means that the Israeli officials have failed to prove it’s fake.

UPDATE: Nina Burleigh offered this commentary to the Los Angeles Times on the news from the Israeli courtroom that postdate publication of her book.


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