Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1181-1183 Yuval Goren: Iron Age Seal Impressions

I first heard of Yuval Goren in connection with the James Ossuary investigation. He’s the one who marshaled the evidence that the inscription was a forgery. That conclusion is still open for debate, since the issue is still being hashed out before a judge in Israel.

So depending on who you read, he may be seen as a villain (Hershel Shanks and BAR) or a hero (Nina Burleigh in her book Unholy Business). I showed up for his public lecture at Harvard University last November and found him much friendlier than expected (based on what I’d read and his official photo, above). He gave me permission to record his lecture and gave an excellent presentation on his research into Iron Age seal impressions (or bullae, as they’re called).

More and more of these seal impressions have been turning up in recent years, some bearing the names of people who are found in the Bible, in part because there’s a lot of archaeology going on in some of the oldest areas of Jerusalem. In fact some of the bullae are being found in or near the very area where some archaeologists (like Eilat Mazar) believe the palace of King David was located.

So in these three programs we present some very informative comments by Yuval Goren on a very current issue in Biblical Archaeology.


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