Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

Mosaic Museum and the Beautiful Lod Mosaic

The discovery of one of the largest and most beautiful mosaics ever found in Israel was announced 13 years ago, during one of our Book & The Spade tours. We missed seeing it then, the itinerary wasn’t flexible enough, but now we’re looking forward to seeing it during a future tour. After being covered up for more than a dozen years, Israeli officials are finally preparing to refurbish the mosaic and then put it on display. This beautiful mosaic graces the cover of the latest issue of our ARTIFAX magazine, and is one of our main topics of discussion on this week’s program.

But there’s more. It was announced just a few weeks ago that a mosaic museum, highlighting some of the beautiful mosaics found around Israel, is now open on the road between Jerusalem and Jericho. If you’re ever been on that road, you probably remember there’s not much there, except for a few bedouin tents and the building they called the Inn of the Good Samaritan. Well that building and its environs has an interesting history (even if it wasn’t the Inn of Jesus’ parable), and now it has been converted to a mosaic museum.

We also spent some time on the programming discussing how our coverage of archaeology has changed over the past 26 years. When we started there were only a couple of sources we were able to rely on. Now the internet gives us all kinds of options, including social media like Facebook and Twitter.

Learn more about some of this season’s excavations by checking these websites:

Other excavations have websites also, but these are the ones (except for the Tall Jalul story) that seem to be updated more frequently.


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