Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1196 – BAR’s 200th issue

One of our favorite sources of information, ever since we began doing this program, is Biblical Archaeology Review. In fact, when we first started doing this program, it was about our only source of information, outside of the international edition of The Jerusalem Post and a few stray articles in the newspaper. We don’t always agree with BAR, but it takes Biblical Archaeology seriously, and we like that.

The latest issue, the 200th issue, has some articles that are worthy of comment, including Gabriel Barkey’s roundup of the results of the Ketef Hinnom excavation. There was a lot more than a couple of amulet scrolls containing the oldest known Bible texts found in those burial caves. Another article is a Top Ten review of some of the top discoveries of Biblical Archaeology. The list doesn’t include the Dead Sea Scrolls, but maybe the DSS transcends such a list.

Some great articles, and BAR makes a great companion to The Book & The Spade and our own magazine, ARTIFAX.

This issue of ARTIFAX also recognizes some of the top recent books about Biblical Archaeology, including Eric Cline’s From Eden to Exile, a book we discussed with Eric a year and a half ago.

In the book Eric does a great job in summarizing what archaeology has to tell us about a number of Biblical scenarios. He does it again in an online article focusing on whether David and Solomon existed, and what archaeology has to say. He sums it up rather clearly.


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