Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1197 – Khirbet Qeiyafa inscription and Lod Mosaic updates

Some late breaking news items popped up just as we prepared to record some more programs, so we have the details on this week’s program. The Khirbet Qeiyafa inscription is one of the oldest examples of Hebrew writing. It was discovered a little over a year ago and now finally we have some idea of what it says, thanks to Aren Maier’s weblog. Aren reported on a conference in Jerusalem where the inscription was discussed, and then provided a rough translation.

We also focus in on a report on what was found when the Lod mosaic was raised: footprints that were 1700 years old. It’s amazing that the technology of raising a mosaic to move and preserve it is so precise that scholars can now study what was underneath the mosaic.


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