Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1209 – House Discovery in Nazareth

One of the least archaeological spots in Israel seems to be Nazareth. As a tiny village in Jesus’ time, there aren’t many remains to be found. Archaeologists recently announced the discovery of a house that dated back to the first century, an apparent neighbor of Jesus’ family. They called it the first house from Jesus’ time to be excavated in Nazareth. We had some questions about that assertion, and reviewed what we know about archaeology in Nazareth, done at a few other excavation sites at and near the Church of the Annunciation.

This house that has been excavated is just across the street from the Church of the Annunciation. While walking through this area during our last tour, my attention was attracted to the vacant windows in the third floor of one building. Just guessing, but I think this building is the one that was razed for this construction project to build the new International Marian Center of Nazareth. Or else it’s the one right next to it.

LOCUSTS: I’ve read about locusts in the Bible but don’t really know much about them. Now my friend Todd Bolen has a photograph and some background information on locusts in the Holyland on his Bibleplaces blog.


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