Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1214-1216 Donald Wiseman 1918-2010

One of the most distinguished British scholars we’ve been privileged to have on our show was Donald Wiseman. In 1986 we featured remarks from a lecture he’d given and we’ve pulled those old files out of our archives upon hearing about the passing of this gentleman. He’s talking about Nineveh on the first program and Babylon on the second program.

Alan Millard, another distinguished British scholar, has a nice tribute to his colleague on the website of Tyndale House, where we found this photo. The photo shows Wiseman with Agatha Christie, her husband Max Mallowan (another distinguished archaeologist) and Neville Chittick.

Update: The London Telegraph has posted an obituary of Donald Wiseman.

In our third and final program in this series, prof. Schoville and I add some additional details about the legacy of prof. Wiseman. Program 1216 also includes some information about Dead Sea Scrolls museum exhibits this spring in Milwaukee and Minneapolis.


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