Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1221 – Solomonic Wall in Jerusalem?

The day after we did our interviews with professor James Hardin on the 10th century problem (programs 1219 & 1220) and the archaeology related to Jerusalem in the time of David and Solomon, Israeli archaeologist Eilat Mazar announced the discovery of a wall in Jerusalem that she credited to the reign of Solomon.

So in this program professor Keith Schoville and I discuss the discovery as well as some questions that have been raised about the discovery. It’s a perfect example of the debate over the 10th century problem and it will be interesting to see if the identification sticks, as more and more archaeologists take a look at the evidence.

We also spend a few minutes discussing reports of vanishing 3,000-year old timbers on the Temple Mount. An archaeologist who has studied timbers used in Temple Mount construction says some of them date back to the time of of David and Saul. But after his work was published, the timbers have disappeared.


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