Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

A step ahead

The latest edition of The Book & The Spade radio program was edited for the first time on new software (WavePad Sound Editor), and on a new computer, so I decided it was time to update my weblog as well. All further weblog posts for TB&TS will be on this site instead of the old weblog. Why the change? The WordPress platform is more flexible and dynamic. I think I will be able to add more photos, a twitter feed (perhaps), and other innovations. In addition, I plan to post to this weblog from our Book & The Spade tour next February. So c’mon along!

The Book & The Spade radio program has its own website, of course, and we also have a website for our Book & The Spade Holyland Study Tours. There’s also a website for ARTIFAX, our quarterly news magazine on Biblical Archaeology. I’m working on the next issue of ARTIFAX right now, so the further development of this weblog will be postponed until after that project is finished.

P.S. – one of the cool things about WordPress, that I just discovered, is that it will import my old blog into this new blog. So now it’s all here at this location. Amazing.


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