Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

#1239-1241 Egypt in Bible History

Prof. Charles Aling

Prof. Charles Aling

This series of interviews with prof. Charles Aling from TB&TS archives dates back to 1986. And it’s based on a 1981 book by Prof. Aling titled Egypt in Bible History. The book is still available, used, through Amazon. And it has also been licensed to certain publishers in other countries, as I recount in program #1240.  I highly recommend the book.

We’ll be visiting Egypt for a few days in our upcoming 2011 Archaeological Study Tour next February, so these conversations provide good background.

I was going over some notes from my 1978 experience as a volunteer for the excavations at Tel Aphek and observed that on the last Saturday of our time in Israel (in early August) we did some sightseeing at nearby sites, such as Gezer and Ramle. Our guide for the archaeological part of our tour was a young graduate student from Tel Aviv University who was working on our dig. His name was Israel Finkelstein. I remember our conversation about the American English pronunciation of the Aijalon Valley, which you can see from Gezer.

We make frequent reference to the Israel Antiquities Authority and have had various members of their staff featured on our program. Archaeology magazine has published a special online feature about the IAA that you will no doubt find of interest.


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