Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

#1245 The Proverbs 31 Woman and Archaeology

Elizabeth McNamer

Prof. Elizabeth McNamer

Remains of monumental buildings, ancient archives, long-forgotten cities–archaeology is this but much more. In this program we take a slightly different approach and talk about the work of women and what archaeology can tell us about that.

Our guest is Elizabeth McNamer, a professor of Religious Thought at Rocky Mountain College in Bozeman MT, who has been a director of the excavation at what is believed to be the New Testament town of Bethsaida along the northeastern shore of the Sea of Galilee. She discusses some of the tools that women used that have been excavated in the residential quarters of the city over the past couple of decades. She compares these findings with the Bible’s description of the domestic duties in Proverbs 31 and founds a lot of congruency.

In the latest archaeological news, the Jerusalem Post has a report on Herod’s Theater Box at Herodium. We’ve covered the discovery of Herod’s tomb at Herodium and visited Herodium during our last archaeological study tour in 2008. Excavations have continued at the site and we hope to visit Herodium again during our upcoming 2011 Archaeological Study Tour of Egypt, Jordan and Israel.


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