Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

#1251 Ossuary Trial Nears The End

James Ossuary

James Ossuary

The ongoing saga of the ossuary inscribed “James, the son of Joseph, the brother of Jesus,” may be nearing the end of its legal phase. That is, the ossuary trial which has been going on for about five years in Jerusalem, is now in the hands of the judge. This program summarizes what’s been happening, based on the latest dispatch from Matthew Kalman, the only journalist who has been following the trial on a regular basis. We talked with Matthew Kalman a year ago for some background on the trail. A decision is expected in a couple of months, perhaps (the judge has a lot of testimony to weigh).

Also discussed on this program, the discovery of small jewelry images at Tel Dor and the Givati Car Park excavation in Jerusalem, and the cultivation of balsam trees.

We have also received word of the death of Ehud Netzer, the distringuished archaeologist responsible for the discovery we discussed two programs ago, the royal theater box of Herod at Herodium. Netzer was on the site of the excavations when he fell and suffered fatal injuries. Reports of his death were covered by various media, including Haaretz and the  BBC . We’ll have more on Ehud Netzer next week, and in additional programs in the future. I first interviewed Netzer in his home in Jerusalem 17 years ago. He was always cordial and informative. It’s a sad loss.



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