Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

#1252-1253 Daniel Schowalter on Omrit and Ehud Netzer



We were going to be talking about Herod on these two programs about Omrit, an excavation in northern Israel focusing on what may be a temple built by Herod to honor Caesar Augustus. Then we got word of the death of Israel’s leading archaeological expert on Herod, Ehud Netzer. So we spent the first part of this interview with Daniel Schowalter of Carthage College discussing his visit to Herodium this summer, hosted by Ehud Netzer, and Netzer’s legacy as the archaeologist who found Herod’s tomb.

And then, we turned to the story of Omrit.  There are several websites offering background information on Omrit, including sites by sponsoring schools MacAlester College and Carthage College. There’s also a blog from a 2009 dig volunteer and a blog from a 2010 dig volunteer, plus this Bible Walks website that has some great map views. The information in our interview and on these websites is so fascinating, I’m now trying to figure out how to add Omrit to the itinerary for our 2011 Archaeological study tour.


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