Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

#1274-1275 The Lead Codices

Larry Hurtado

Larry Hurtado

Metal tablets, the size of a credit card, bound in tiny books, have surfaced in Israel. The British press reports that the codices were actually found in Jordan, and could be 2,000 years old. They could be a Christian version of the Dead Sea Scrolls, some say, since ancient Hebrew and Greek writing is observed, along with Christian and Jewish symbols. But could also be modern forgeries. It’s hard to tell because few scholars have actually seen them. So we talked with Larry Hurtado, Professor of New Testament Language, Literature & Theology and Director of the Centre for the Study of Christian Origins at the University of Edinburgh, about early Christian documents. We discovered, among other things, that the early Christians were among the first to widely use the codex for their writing.

The Christianity Today version of this story (by yours truly) is also online at: Larry Hurtado’s blog is at Some people are keeping a tally of how many things are wrong with the codices.

An archaeological video from iTravelJerusalem: Sennacherib’s defeat, confirmed by the Bible, archaeology, and Assyrian records.


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