Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

#1305 Hoffmeier, Geraty and Ortiz: Does Archaeology Prove the Bible?

Glueck & Albright

Glueck & Albright

As a part of my research for the Eilat Mazar interview which was featured on the two preceding programs, I interviewed three top American evangelical archaeologists: James Hoffmeier, Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Lawrence Geraty, LaSierra University and past president of the American Schools of Oriental Research; and Steven Ortiz, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and excavator of Gezer.

One of the questions that I asked each of them was whether they still believed the statements made by archaeologists of an earlier generation, Nelson Glueck and William Albright (and probably also G. Ernest Wright) that no archaeological discovery has contradicted the Bible. Their answers were consistently yes, but with some elaboration, enough to make an interesting program that also addresses the issue, Does Archaeology Prove the Bible?


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