Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1370 Avraham Biran and Keith Schoville – At the Tel Dan Gate

Biran & Schoville

Avraham Biran & Keith Schoville in Biran’s office in Jerusalem

After the announcement of the retirement of Prof. Keith Schoville as my program co-host in our previous program, someone asked about some of the more memorable programs we’ve done together. To tell the truth, although we covered some exciting discoveries, having a weekly conversation in a recording studio is not all that exciting. But we did take the show on the road to Israel from time to time. We did three trips together.

In 1992 we visited archaeologist Avraham Biran in his office in Jerusalem. Prof. Schoville had excavated with Prof. Biran at Tel Dan for a number of years. After our visit, Biran invited us to meet him at Tel Dan the next day. So we did. And we sat at the gate of the city, just as kings and city leaders did in biblical times, as professor Biran explained in further detail. We had no idea that less than a year later, just feet from where we were sitting, the Tel Dan inscription would be found. That inscription, with its reference to “the House of David,” is one of the most important discoveries in Biblical Archaeology of the past 50 years.

That time together, with one of Israel’s most distinguished archaeologists and national figures, gets my vote for our most memorable program.


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