Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

#1395-1396 Robert Bull – Remembering the Excavator of Caesarea Maritima

Robert Jehu Bull

Robert Jehu Bull

Robert Bull was not the first but one of the earliest guests on The Book & The Spade.  He was the excavator who taught me that some digs are more interesting than others. Caesarea Maritima is a fascinating site, as can be seen by any who visit there today: there’s  a theater, a hippodrome, the remains of Herod’s palace where the apostle Paul was kept in custody, the harbor used by Paul for his travels, the photogenic aqueduct, and the Crusader walls from a much later period. But it’s not just the site but the presentation and his presentations were tops in accessibility and understanding.

So we had him on the program in 1987 and learned much about Caesarea at that time. The excavations continued on for almost a decade after that.

Robert Bull passed away on August 31, 2013. He was 92. A memorial service was held this past weekend in Madison, New Jersey, which is where Drew University is located. He taught at Drew for 36 years.


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