Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1426 Steve Ortiz & Barry Gittlen – Visiting Archaeological Sites

Doorpost socket at Tel Mike Ekron

Doorpost socket at Tel Mike Ekron

Plans are being finalized for our next Book & The Spade Archaeological Adventure Study Tour to Israel, March 14-24, 2015. Our Book & The Spade tours allow listeners and anyone else interested in Biblical Archaeology the opportunity to actually visit the sites that we talk about, where important discoveries in Biblical Archaeology are being made. The tentative itinerary is now posted online and should be finalized soon. If you’re interested in Biblical Archaeology, I hope you’ll consider joining us.

For this program, announcing our tour, I went to the archives to dig up the report on our visit to the excavations at Tel Mike-Ekron during our 1996 tour. Although we visit a lot of archaeological sites, only occasionally do we get to visit excavations as they are underway. At the end of our 1996 tour, we stopped at the Tel Mikne dig as the archaeologists were beginning the last of their 14 seasons of excavations. We were courteously shown around the site by two experienced archaeologists, Steve Ortiz and Barry Gittlen. Later on that year an important inscription was found, confirming the identity of Tel Mikne as Ekron, and mentioning a Philistine ruler.

Pictured above is a doorpost socket that is actually described in this program by Barry Gittlen.



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