Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1434 Gordon Govier – Personal Reflections

Gordon Govier

Gordon Govier

After 31 years hosting The Book & The Spade I finally took the opportunity to share some personal reflections on Biblical Archaeology. Earlier this year, following a couple of articles I wrote for Christianity Today, some radio news colleagues invited me to come on their radio programs to talk about Biblical Archaeology. So this week’s program is constructed from edited portions of Bill Feltner’s program, His People, and Keith Peter’s interview program on Classics Radio. Nothing too amazing, just a slightly different format.


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  1. Thank you, Gordon, for including portions of interviews in which the tables were turned and you were the interviewee. I appreciate your giving both big-picture perspectives (allegiance to the Bible vis-a-vis allegiance to archaeology) and some of your personal experiences, such as visiting Tel Dan with Keith Schoville and the Director of the excavation, Avraham Biran, only several months before the discovery of the “House of David” inscription. I especially appreciate your careful description of undecided issues, such as the question of the authenticity of the James ossuary, which will take time to settle.
    Your programs give listeners the chance to hear about recent archaeological work and to develop not only their own views, but also to acquire some sophistication in evaluating archaeological reports. Indeed, initial reports frequently begin with headline-grabbing claims, which later become possible or even less likely interpretations among others which are equally reasonable but not sensational. At the same time, discoveries which truly do advance our knowledge and can help us to better understand Scripture receive the attention they deserve.
    Your work is a very valuable service to several audiences and an encouragement both to students of the Bible and to archaeologists. Thanks again, and keep up the good work!

    June 24, 2014 at 9:32 pm

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