Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1468 – 1471 Khirbet Summeily, in depth

Khirbet Summeily excavation

Khirbet Summeily excavation just after dawn

In this series of interviews, we go in depth to discover how a tiny little excavation on a far corner of the 10th century B.C. kingdom of Judah may reveal some major clues about the biblical world. We talk with Jeff Blakely, James Hardin, and Rachel Hallotte, the co-directors of the excavation, as well as epigrapher Christopher Rollston.

Among the top finds of the 2014 excavation season in Israel were a half-dozen bullae, clay seal impressions, that probably would have been missed by the typical archaeological excavation. But these simple bullae may give us some interesting facts about the much-disputed world of the biblical kings David and Solomon.

(photo courtesy of the Khirbet Summeily excavation)


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