Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

#1477 Gary Manning – The James Ossuary and the Suspect Tomb of Jesus’ Family

James Ossuary

James Ossuary

Although there always seems to be something interesting happening in Biblical Archaeology (as we regularly say on the program), with new discoveries and developments, there are also times when overly sensationalized claims are promoted. Sometimes these claims are part of an effort to promote a TV program, a book, or a magazine. So sometimes we have to address these issues.

On this program we talk with Gary Manning, a professor of New Testament at Biola University, about claims that have linked the James Ossuary (with the inscription James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus) with a tomb discovered several decades ago in the Talpiot neighborhood of Jerusalem. Because the names on the ossuaries in this tomb sound familiar to Bible readers, the discovery has been sensationalized with unsubstantiated claims linking them to the family of Jesus, and now one of the most sensational ossuaries in the news over the past decade has also been linked with the tomb.

The evidence is just not there.


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