Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1526 Clyde Billington – Ordinary People Discoveries


Roman gold coin

A farmer, a school boy, a school girl, two scuba divers…these are ordinary people who have made major discoveries in biblical archaeology in the last week, or the last few months. A lady walking with some friends from a kibbutz discovered a gold Roman coin (see photo); only two such coins are known to exist and the other one is in the British Museum.

On this program we discuss some of the stories in the latest issue of ARTIFAX magazine that where people who were out for a walk or involved in other simple activities came upon something old and important. It’s not all that unusual, and in fact it’s kind of important.

We frequently encourage our listeners to volunteer to work on archaeological excavations. It’s an opportunity for ordinary people to not only contribute to the collection of important knowledge, but also to possibly make a discovery like this.



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