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1778 Hophra Stele – Royal Privy – Temple Mount Cisterns with Clyde Billington

Hophra Stele

Hophra Stele

Only six pharaohs are named in the Old Testament and the name of one of the six has turned up on a stele (inscribed stone slab) that was found in an Egyptian farmers field. This is the cover story on the autumn issue of ARTIFAX, our biblical archaeology newsmagazine.

And it’s also the place where we start our quarterly discussion with my co-editor, professor Clyde Billington, on the most recent discoveries and developments in biblical archaeology. The stele hasn’t been translated yet but professor Billington thinks the hieroglyphics may well describe events related to Hophra’s alliance with King Zedekiah of Judah, as he attempted to resist the hegemony of Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon.

We’ve devoted several programs in the last year or so to excavations taking place at the Arnon Hanatziv promenade between Jerusalem and Bethlehem, overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem. New accommodations for tourists and pilgrims appear to be planned for this area and the archaeology, meanwhile, is discovering the remains of palatial residences from the time of King Hezekiah. The latest discovery in this area is, shall we say, the royal toilet.

Final item on this program is a discussion of a new book that chronicles the 49 known cisterns and 42 water channels on the Temple Mount. They are totally off limits to archaeologists of course, but that doesn’t mean there’s no information available to them. One of the cisterns is apparently below the Well of Souls, the little room that’s been carved beneath the stone that sits under the Dome of the Rock.

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