Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1792 Clyde Billington – Saul’s Palace/Lachish Siege Ramp

Site of Saul's Palace in Givat Shaul

Site of Saul’s Palace in Givat Shaul

I had no idea that the ruins of Saul’s palace might be located on a hilltop in western Jerusalem. But one of the stories in the winter issue of ARTIFAX included a call to excavate that site and find out what’s really there. That was one of the item’s we discussed in this week’s program. (And we’ll have more on this story in the next issue of ARTIFAX-you might want to consider subscribing to our biblical archaeology newsmagazine.)

Also on this week’s program, we report on new research into the construction of the siege ramp used by Assyrian King Sennacherib to conquer Lachish. The archaeological findings match the depiction of the siege in reliefs excavated from Sennacherib’s palace in the 19th century.

We also report on the excavation of St. Hilarion’s monastery in Gaza. Yes, in Gaza.


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