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1826-1827 Michael Hasel – The Ivory Comb Alphabetic Inscription

The Lachish lice comb with inscription, dated to 1700 BC.

The Lachish lice comb with inscription, dated to 1700 BC.

Sometimes it takes years to assess an archaeological discovery, and that’s what happened with a small ivory comb that was excavated in 2016, and then was recently discovered to have writing on it. That writing makes it one of the most significant inscriptions ever discovered in Israel!

On these programs we are joined by Michael Hasel — Professor of Near Eastern Studies and Archaeology at Southern Adventist University, Director of the Institute of Archaeology at Southern Adventist University. He is the Co-Director of The Fourth Expedition to Lachish and it was his team that actually found this ivory comb during the 2016 excavation season.

The style of writing dates this comb to 1700 BC and makes it “a landmark in the history of the human ability to write,” according to Hasel’s colleague Yosef Garfinkel, co-director of the excavation. It is the first full sentence of alphabetic writing in recorded history.


1582-1583 Cynthia Shafer-Elliott Canaanite DNA & Tel Halif Update

s200_cynthia-shafer-elliott-1News reports about Canaanite genetic research, linking ancient Canaanites with the modern residents of Lebanon, flooded the news last week. The news reports had some issues that we took up in this interview with Cynthia Shafter-Elliott, who teaches Hebrew Bible and Archaeology at William Jessup University in Rocklin, California.

We also got an update on Cynthia’s excavation work at Tel Halif in the southern part of Israel and talked about the Israelite 4-Room House.

1490-1491 Assaf Yasur-Landau & Eric Cline – Tel Kabri Wine Cellars 2015

Assaf Yasur-Landau & Eric Cline

Assaf Yasur-Landau & Eric Cline

Excavations of a Canaanite Middle Bronze Age Fortress near Akko have revealed the oldest and largest wine cellar ever excavated in the Middle East.

This year was the second season of these wine cellar excavations, starting with one room two years ago, and now a total of four rooms so far.\

This was the first 3-way Skype conversation to be featured on TB&TS. It turned out well.