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1824-1825 Charles Aling – King Tut’s Tomb Discovery – 100 Years Later


Image from King Tut – Immersive Experience

November 1922 the world learned of the discovery of the virtually untouched tomb of an Egyptian pharaoh, Tutanhamen. It was one of the most sensational discoveries in the history of archaeology due to the rich treasures found inside the tomb.

King Ay was the successor to King Tut, and his tomb was excavated in 1972. Professor Charles Aling, professor Emeritus at the University of Northwestern St. Paul was a member of the excavation team. In these two programs we discuss the details of excavating a royal tomb in Egypt and the connection between biblical archaeology and the reign of King Tutankhamen.

One additional note: Here in the US, the celebration of the 100 year anniversary of the discovery of King Tut’s Tomb includes a unique presentation called Beyond King Tut, The Immersive Experience, which I happened to see with my granddaughters at the National Geographic Museum in Washington DC this past summer.

The presentation is now embarking on a tour of some of the largest cities around the country. I thought it was quite impressive and would recommend it, if you have the chance to see Beyond King Tut, The Immersive Experience.