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1776-1777 Daniel Master – Excavating Tel Shimron in the Galilee

Daniel Master

Daniel Master

It appears that only one major US archaeological excavation was in the field in Israel last summer, the excavation at Tel Shimron. Tel Shimron, in a gross generalization, is the twin of Tel Megiddo, one of the most famous sites in biblical archaeology. Megiddo is on the south edge of the Jezreel Valley, Shimron is across the valley on the north.

It probably won’t be known for years exactly how Shimron and Megiddo are alike and different; this past summer was only the third excavation season. But Shimron was inhabited for 5,000 years and there’s a lot to see for archaeologists who will take the time to peel it back, layer by layer.

Daniel Master is professor of archaeology at Wheaton College and most recently co-directed the excavation of Ashkelon, the port city of the Canaanites and the Philistines. Shimron is quite a bit different than Ashkelon, and that was one of the things that attracted him to the site, he said in the first segment of our interview.