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1579 Scott Stripling-Shroud of Turin Research

Shroud of Turin

The image on the Shroud of Turin

Shiloh excavation director Scott Stripling, featured in our last two programs, also participated in a research project for the Shroud of Turin during a trip to Israel several months ago. The project involved limestone particles that have been found on the shroud, and a visit to the underground tombs at the Ecole Biblique, which are adjacent to the Garden Tomb.

During the interview Scott referenced an article that he and colleague Abigail Leavitt wrote for the website. He also referenced a study of the Garden Tomb done by archaeology Gabi Barkay, and written up for Biblical Archaeology Review in 1986, which is the definitive archaeological report on the Garden Tomb.


1472-1473 David Gibson – Finding Jesus

David Gibson

David Gibson (rear)

Easter, along with Christmas, are the two times of the year when major media inflict upon us stories of dubious religious value in a wild attempt to resonate with a religious audience. But occasionally those stories do have credible content, such as the current CNN series Finding Jesus, which is supported by a book of the same name, written by David Gibson and Michael McKinley.

This CNN series examines six holy objects to see what they can tell us about the story of Jesus, such as the Shroud of Turin, the James Ossuary, the Gospel of Judas, pieces of the true cross, and some ancient bones connected to John the Baptist. Some are more credible than others, but all are carefully examined and offer a window into the gospel story of Jesus’ ministry.