Backgrounders on the Bible through Biblical Archaeology

1793 Clyde Billington – Timna and Tents plus the New Crucified Man

Erez Ben YosefThe archaeology at the Copper Mines at Timna has upended a number of biblical archaeology theories and the latest development may be quite revolutionary. Archaeologist Erez Ben Yosef of Tel Aviv University has observed that there were large numbers of laborers at work in the mines, well-fed and presumably well-treated, but little evidence of buildings to house them. The conclusion, then, is that they lived in tents. And the fact that much larger populations of citizens, say 3,000 years ago, lived in tents rather than houses has significant ramifications for how archaeologists interpret the sites they are studying.

Also on this week’s program, a discussion of another crucified man discovered in England. Like the first one, found in Israel many decades ago, this one also had a nail stuck in his heel bone. Both of these stories are featured in the news digests of ARTIFAX, our quarterly biblical archaeology newsmagazine.


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